Revolutionary Collapsible Beer Cooler Bag TL-TC001

Keep drinks cool and enjoy favorite beverages anywhere with Collapsible Beer Cooler Bag. The unisex design and PEPSI logo make it a stylish choice for outings.


Stay refreshed on-the-go with our Unisex PEPSI Logo Stripe 6 Pack Collapsible Beer Cooler Bag. Designed to keep your beverages cool and easily accessible, this bag features a collapsible design for convenient storage when not in use. The iconic PEPSI logo and stylish stripe pattern add a touch of flair to your outings

Unisex PEPSI Logo Stripe 6 Pack Collapsible beer cooler bag Designed for both men and women, this cooler bag combines style and functionality. The PESEL logo stripe pattern adds a trendy touch, making it a fashion statement. With its spacious interior, it can hold up to 6 packs, ensuring you have enough cold drinks for your outdoor adventures. Stay cool and stylish with our Unisex PESEL Logo Stripe 6 Pack Cooler Bag.