Picnic Insulated Beer Bag for colorful Style TL-TC004

IceGuard Pro: Picnic Insulated beer Bag for Fresh and Chilled Delights – CoolMax: Picnic Insulated cooler Bag for Fresh and Flavorful Delights


CoolMax: Picnic Insulated Beer Bag for Fresh and Chilled Delights for Exquisite Outdoor Indulgence

Picnic Insulated Cooler Bag with a heat-sealed PEVA liner. This cooler bag is designed to keep your food and beverages fresh and cool during picnics, outdoor gatherings, and travel. The heat-sealed PEVA liner provides excellent insulation, ensuring that your items stay at the desired temperature. It also offers leak-proof protection, preventing any unwanted spills. Our Picnic Insulated Cooler Bag is spacious enough to accommodate all your picnic essentials while being compact and easy to carry. Make your picnics enjoyable and hassle-free with our high-quality cooler bag.